Dimmable LED tubes T8, w/ external LED driver system, 12W/ 15W/18W/22W , 1800+ Lumen Frosted Lens. Note! Full cases/30 tubes only.

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Dimmable 4ft LED Tube / Dimmable LED Tube / Dimmable LED tubes T8

The LED External Tube w/ external driver system can dramatically reduce energy usage,
up to 70%, providing significantly lower operating costs. One driver for 1, 2, 3 or 4 LED
tubes available.

Since the heat produced by an internal LED driver is eliminated, this Dimmable 4 Ft LED Tube lasts longer, and can.

These Dimmable LED Tube T8 with the external LED driver still qualifies for Rebates. Dimmable 4 Ft LED Tube products with Internal drivers do not! Please check what rebates are available in your area.

One - Four Dimmable 4 Ft LED Tubes can be run with one LED driver, 18W + Dimmable 4 Ft LED tube, where 4 tubes are used in a fixture would require 2 LED drivers.

This Dimmable LED tube is available in two versions, and 2 Beam Angles 

120º (Aluminum/PC)
320º (Plastic)

  • External Driver stops accidental Flouescent tube replacements
  • Works without a ballast (UL & DLC Type B Certified)
  • Dimmable or Non dimmable option available
  • 120º (Aluminum/PC) or 320º (Plastic)
  • Various Wattages

Specification for the Dimmable LED tube 

Color Temperature *3000K / 4000K / 5000K                   * Special order
Beam Angle
120º (Aluminum/PC)
320º (Nano Plastic)
CRI >80
Operation Temperature -20ºC to 50ºC
Efficiency 140 Lumen/Watt
Input Voltage AC100-277V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Supply Efficiency 90%
Rated Life 50,000 hours
Power Factor More than 0.90
LED Type SMD 2835
1-a-pdf-icon-1-.jpg Dimmable 4 Ft LED Tube T8 12W - 20W Spec sheet

Dimmable 4 Ft LED Tube, 12W, 15W, 18W & 22 Watt, 1700 - 3000 Lumen

This long lasting dimmable LED tube easily replaces a Fluorescent tube 

These Dimmable LED tube T8 are flicker free, lasts several times longer, and produce no UV rays.

This Dimmable 4 Ft LED tube is built to last, even if on 24/7, unlike LED tubes from many manufacturers that are built to be on 3 - 6 hours MAX/day.

Or as some inexpensive T8 LED tube that will last around 20,000 hours, or just over (if lucky) their 5 year Warranty. This dimmable LED tube is built to last 50,000 hours, or over 10 years if on 12/7.

NOTE!!! Only sold in full cases only! (30 LED tubes/case)

If you would like to try a couple of these Dimmable LED tubes T8, please contact us... Free freight does not apply to sample orders!

Various Pricing, Dimmable 4 Ft LED tube, with LED driver

Tube Wattage & quantity LED Driver cost Cost for both tube(s) & driver Cost per LED tube
12W 1 tube, $10/ea, 1870 Lumen $5.20 $15.20 $15.20/ea
12W 2 tubes,$10/ea, 3740 Lumen $6.20 $26.20 $13.10/ea
12W, 3 tubes, $10/ea, 5610 Lumen $7.80 $37.80 $12.60/ea
12W, 4 tubes, $10/ea, 7480 Lumen $11.70 $51.70 $12.93/ea
15W 1 tube, $10.40/ea, 2100 Lumen $5.20 $15.60 $15.60/ea
15W 2 tubes, $10.40/ea, 4200 Lumen $6.50 $27.30 $13.65/ea
15W, 3 tubes, $10.40/ea, 6300 Lumen $7.80 $39.00 $13.00/ea
15W, 4 tubes, $10.40/ea, 8400 Lumen $11.70 $53.30 $13.33/ea
18W 1 tube, $11/ea, 2500 Lumen  $5.75  $16.75  $16.75/ea
18W 2 tubes, $11.60/ea, 5000 Lumen $7.80  $29.80  $14.90/ea
18W, 3 tubes, $11.60/ea, 7500 Lumen $12.35  $45.35  $15.12/ea 
 20W 1 tube, $11.60/ea, 3000 Lumen   $5.75  $17.45  $17.45/ea
20W 2 tubes, $11.60/ea, 6000 Lumen  $7.80   $31.00 $15.50/ea
20W, 3 tubes, $11/ea, 9000 Lumen  $12.35  $47.15  $15.72/ea 
5 Year