Policies & Warranties

Return Policy
If you are not satisfied with the Product for any reason, the Product can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. The Product must in new condition and in it's original packaging, if you are returning the Product for reasons other than Warranty issues.

All LED products sold through Lighting Atlanta have 3-10 year warranty guarantee (length of warranty depends on the product you select).Please contact us for Warranty documents if you can't find it on the Web site.

If your product fails within the warranty period, please contact us and we will issue a Return Authorization and your Product will be repaired or replaced.

Returns Due to Defects
Although the Manufacturers we work with develop Products of the highest Craftsmanship and Quality, occasionally a minor defect may pass through the Manufacturer's Quality Control System. Our Manufacturers stand behind their Products 100%, and request that you contact them directly with any operational problems.
If you receive your LED product and it appears to be defective, please do not return the product to us.

Returning the product to us instead of the manufacturer will VOID the Product's Warranty.

You must contact the Manufacturer directly using the Warranty contact information included in your Product’s packaging.

Back Order Policy
In most cases the Products we sell are either in stock or require a 2 - 8 + Week Lead Time. You will be notified of a Shipping Date at the time of Order. Shipping Dates depend on the Product and quantity you select.

Shipping Policy
Shipping fees will be quoted for your approval when an Order is placed or a Quote is provided.
The weight of the Product is often provided on the Spec Sheets to give you a very good idea of what Shipping Cost will be.
Some LED products have to ship at minimum weights, they may weigh a pound or two but have to be shipped at 15 pound weight etc. due to the size of the products, especially LED tubes!
Sales Tax will be added if you are in the State that the Product ships from. You will be notified if the Product you select is shipped from the State your Business or Home is located in.

Damaged Goods Policy
If you received an order that was damaged in shipping, please contact us.

DO NOT RETURN THE ITEM TO US as the shipping Carrier must have the opportunity to establish a claim and, possibly, inspect the damaged carton.

If the Shipping Carrier cannot verify that there is a covered loss under the transit Insurance because an item has been returned to us, or its condition of receipt has been compromised, we reserve the right to deduct a loss percentage up to and including the FULL PURCHASE PRICE of the product.