Commercial LED Retrofit Kits

Commercial LED Retrofit Kits

American made LED Parking Lot Light Retrofit Kits/LED Shoe Box Retrofit/Commercial LED retrofit kits

High quality 15 minute LED Parking lot Light retrofit kits for 175W - 1,500W HID replacement.

These commercial LED retrofit kits are mostly used as an LED Shoe Box retrofit.

They work in about 95% of all HID fixtures.... Why throw away a perfectly good fixture?

As long as the fixture is not leaking, has dead bugs it, or is an open fixtures in an outdoor setting, these LED Parking lot lights retrofit kits are a perfect fit. 

In a 400W Shoe box fixture, the 116W commercial LED retrofit kits will produce as much light as a 600W HID, the 150W LED Shoe box retrofit produces as much light as a 750W HID.

Substantially improves your light output using these LED Parking lot lights retrofit kits without having to upgrade your fixtures.

Commercial LED retrofits kits work in:

Parking Lot fixtures

High Bay fixtures

Flood light fixtures

Wall packs

We also offer a High quality imported version of these Commercial LED Retrofit kits.