LED Tubes - LED Kits - Linear LED Fixtures

LED Tubes - LED Kits - Linear LED Fixtures

T8 LED Tube & T5 LED tube, are the perfect LED Fluorescent tube replacement.


New LED Troffer/Ceiling inlay fixtures, or Troffer LED retrofit kits, if you want to upgrade your Troffer/Ceiling inlay fixtures.


Linear 4' LED lights for a quick lighting upgrade, ceiling mount, or pedestal mount.


DLC Premium LED tubes are Industrial grade, manufactured to stay on 24/7, not 3 - 8 hours like many T8 LED tubes, or T5 LED tubes.

The perfect LED Fluorescent tube replacement, the T8 LED tube is either Plug & Play, or can be rewired to eliminate the Ballast.

Two 18 Watt T8 LED tubes easily replace either 3, or 4 T8 or T12 Fluorescent tubes

T5 LED tube is Plug & Play.

Dimmable LED tubes with external LED drivers are extremly high lumen output, and easy to use.