LED T8 Tube, Plug & Play, 18W, 2160+ Lumen Frosted Lens. Sold full case, 25 tubes only. $7.30/ea

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4ft LED Tube, 18 Watt, 2,160 Lumen+ / T8 LED replacement / T12 LED replacement

Plug & play direct replacement for T8 LED replacement, or Ballast bypass, single, or dual end power.

T12 LED replacement is Ballast Bypass ONLY! 10- 277V, one or dual end power.

Long lasting 4ft LED tube easily replaces a Fluorescent tube, and saves 50% + in energy costs.

This 4ft LED tube is an excellent LED replacement for T12 LED replacement too. 

The 18W, 2,160 Lumen 4ft LED tube, when using two, will EASILY replace 3 - 4 T8 or T12 Fluorescent tubes.

The T8 LED replacement tube is flicker free, lasts several times longer than Fluorescent tubes, and produces no UV rays.

This 4ft LED tube is built to last, even if on 24/7, unlike some T8 LED tube from many manufacturers that are built to be on 3 - 6 hours a day max!  Or as some inexpensive T8 LED replacement tubes that will last around 20,000 hours, or just over (if lucky) their 5 year Warranty.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This T12 LED replacement tube is built to last 50,000 hours, or over 10 years if on 12/7.

This T8 LED replacement tube is only available in 18W,  5000K, Frosted lens.....

NOTE!!! Only sold in full cases (25pcs T8 LED tubes/case)


1-a-pdf-icon-1-.jpg18W 4 Ft LED tube/T8 LED tube Spec sheet

 versa-led-tubes-ul-dlc.jpg versa-tube-18w-frosted-and-clearlens.jpg

5 year