High Bay LED Shop Lights fixture, 24" x 13" 110W, 15,000 Lumen

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Perfect for LED Gym Lights / High Bay LED Shop Lights / Ideal LED replacement for 400W Metal Halide, to name a few.
These extremely high quality 110W 15,000 Lumen  High Bay LED Shop Lights are an excellent alternative for a T5 High Bay Fixture, or an LED replacement for a 400W Metal Halide fixture. It is also a perfect fixture for LED Gym lights, or Commercial / Industrial lighting. 

These 24" x 13" 110W LED High Bay Shop lights Fixture Features:

135 Lumen/Watt efficacy

L70 Lifetime >50,000 hours

1-a-pdf-icon-1-.jpg110W High Bay LED Shop Lights / Ideal replacement for 400W Metal Halide spec sheet
Available options:

-Available Dual Function Sensors: Motion & Photocell, day-light harvesting

-0-10V Dimming Title 24 Compliant

Emergency Battery Back up

Wire Guard, especially for LED Gym Lights

Pendant mount kit, or Aircraft Cable suspension kit

Linear LED High Bay LED Shop Lights/LED Gym Lights Fixture Product Details

Ideal for application in LED replacement for 400W Metal Halide fixtures in warehouses, LED Gym Lights, and High Bay LED Shop lights. 

These High Bay LED Shop lights are available in 110W, 160W, and 220 W, and equipped with either frosted or clear unbreakable Poly Carbonate lenses for glare prevention and maximized brightness. This makes them ideal for LED Gym lights.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: 100~277VAC, 347~480V, with a Step down transformer

Power Consumption: 110W

Dimensions / Lumens: 

110W,  23.8"L x 12.6"W x. 3.62"H...... 15,000 Lumen
160W,  23.8"L x 17.3"W x 3.62"H....... 21,800 Lumen 
220W,  45.9"L x 12.6"W x 3.62"H....... 29,900 Lumen

CCT: 4000 K, 5000 K 

Color Accuracy: CRI 80+

PF>0.92, THD<20%

LED High Bay Housing: Aluminum & PC

7 Year Warranty



7 Years