LED T8 Lamps/Tube, 18W, 2460+ Lumen Frosted Lens. Note Full case, 25 tubes only. $10/ea

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4 Ft LED Tube, 18 Watt, 2,460 Lumen+ / T8 LED tube / LED replacement for T12 Fluorescent tubes

Long lasting 4' T8 LED tube easily replaces a Fluorescent tube, and saves 50% + in energy costs.

These 4 ft LED tubes are an excellent LED replacement for T12 Fluorescent tubes. 

The 18W, 2,460+ Lumen T8 LED tube, when using two, will EASILY replace 3 - 4 T8 or T12 Fluorescent tubes.

The T8 LED tube is flicker free, lasts several times longer than Fluorescent tubes, and produces no UV rays.

This 4 Ft LED tube is built to last, even if on 24/7, unlike T8 LED tube from many manufacturers that are built to be on 3 - 6 hours MAX/day.                                                                                                                                                                                Or as some inexpensive T8 LED tube that will last around 20,000 hours, or just over (if lucky) their 5 year Warranty. This T8 LED tube is built to last 50,000 hours, or over 10 years if on 12/7.

This T8 LED tube is only available in 18W, 4000K & 5000K, Frosted lens..... NOTE!!! Only sold in full cases (25pcs T8 LEDtube/case)

1-a-pdf-icon-1-.jpg18W 4 Ft LED tube/T8 LED tube Spec sheet

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5 year